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Welcome to the Box End Park multisport page!

The lakes will be open for swimming from the 1st April 2018.

Find details of our current opening hours here = Opening Times

Find details of our Race series and results here Evening Race Series

Find details of our course here Swimming, Running & off road cycling course

Box End Park is the perfect training venue for open water swimming and off road running and cycling.

  • The lakes are a safe, clean and current free spot for swimmers
  • Our site is fully serviced with free, secure car parking, changing rooms, lockers and warm showers
  • There is a first aid trained safety observer present during all swimming sessions
  • We have a full range of swim rental wetsuits available for hire priced at £5 (these can be hired from reception on arrival)

If it is your first time swimming at Box End Park this year you must read and complete a registration & disclaimer form. A form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Take your completed form to reception, this form will also act as a membership form. At reception you can join for the season or pay for a day pass.

The best value way to train at Box End Park is to become a season member. This gives unlimited access to all swim sessions and allows you to develop a cheap and consistent training plan. The cost is £99 for the season, giving a full season of swimming, free car parking and full access to the changing facilities and 5k running and cycling course.

Alternatively you can train as a guest for a charge of £5 per day pass (This should be paid to a member of staff at reception on arrival).

If you are new to open water swimming, or looking to improve your techinque then we can recommend some great independent swimming coaches who can help you with all elements of your swimming:

Mark Kleanthous swim coaching
Gavin Prior @ Trisomi
Green Light PT
Alice Barnes

We take great pride in our water quality and have it regularly tested to ensure it exceeds the standards recommended for bathing water. We also undergo a programme of lake dying and cutting to ensure weed is kept to a minimum.

Open Water Swimming Rules

  • You must be capable of completing an 800 metre continuous swim
  • You must not have any medical condition (such as Heart disease, Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes) which may impact my ability to safely partake in open water swimming. If unsure I will seek the advice of a GP
  • You must sign in at the Box End Park reception before each swim and ensure I understand the session timings and which lake to use.
  • You must wear a brightly coloured swim hat at all times and will wear a wetsuit if the water temperature is below 14oC
  • You must enter and exit the water at the designated points
  • In the event you get into difficulty during the swim session I will roll on to my back and signal for rescue by raising an arm in the air. Alternatively I will use the Air-horns attached to the life buoys around the lake to signal for help
  • A safety observer will be present during all swim sessions, however Box End Park will not provide full lifeguard cover. Because of this you must not swim alone. You must attend the lake with a buddy and stay with them during the session. Alternatively you must swim within a 15m distance of another swimmer during the session. In the event of seeing another swimmer getting into difficulty You must raise the alarm using the methods above
  • In the event of a thunderstorm, failing light, fog or high winds the safety observer may decide to end a session. If you are asked to exit the lake then please do so immediately
  • You must acknowledge that the lake is a natural environment. Lake banks may be slippery, there may be sharp stones underfoot. There are various ramps, buoys and ropes within the water which must be avoided. If you do not feel comfortable with these hazards then you should not swim in this open water environment