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2018 TAG will take place on the 29th September!

The Format:

Each team of 2 riders will get 15 minutes on the cable tow between them, only 1 may be on the water at any time. There will be up to 3 other teams sharing the cable for this time. - Just get in as many tricks as possible – the more unique tricks the pair do, the more points they will score, the pair share a score sheet so must not repeat their team mate’s tricks. Points are given for surface tricks, obstacles and air tricks. If you fall just run back to the start and TAG your team mate in before they can hit the water! Each team member must do a minimum of 2 laps each or the team will be disqualified. At the end of the session the score sheets will be added up and the top 3 teams will advance to the final. The finals follow the same format as the qualifying rounds but now there are only 3 teams on the lake. The time limit is shortened to 10 minutes for this round so choose your tricks wisely! In this round each team member must do a minimum of 1 lap each or face disqualification. The cable will be run at 31 KPH, and handles will not be taped up.

The Rewards:

We will have a range of fantastic prizes brought to you from our sponsors.


The cost for the competition is £25 per person which will include a warm up session on the cable and your competition time.


  • Pro (Your team will be considered pro if your team is able to do 10 or more inverts combined on the cable (off the flat water)
  • If during the competition you perform more than 10 inverts you will be promoted to the pro category.
  • If you are able to perform a technical invert such as an S Bend, then the judges will assume you can perform a more basic invert such as a raley!
  • Youth (All riders are 16 or under and no riders can perform 10 or more inverts)
  • Open (No age restrictions, no rider can perform 11 or more inverts)
  • Masters (All team riders over 30. Masters will remain in this category regardless of how many inverts they can perform)
  • Ladies (All riders must be female and no team should be able to perform more than 10 inverts )

Note that you can score points on a wakeskate in any of the above categories.

How to Enter:

To enter just complete an application form which can be downloaded by clicking here. The teams riding times will be posted on the day of the competition. On the day of the event you must register with your team no later than 11:00 at the main reception. The cable will be open from 10:00 – 12:00 for normal riding, with a riders briefing held at 12:00 – all riders should be present for this.